Susan and John will be retiring from the regular operation of the facility as of August 17, 2019. For event planning from September 2019 onward, contact Chef Duff at 519-500-1715;;

RiverSong is located on a 5 acre property on the bank of the Conestogo River. There are many areas for quiet reflection – from cool forested upland to open fields of waving grasses to wooded slopes that terminate at lush green wetlands along the river bank. Whether you take your cinnamon bun and coffee and wander on your own, or schedule a guided walk with John, there are many natural features to enjoy.  

The lush vegetation supports a wide variety of wildlife including birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Ask John about the mud dauber wasps, or how many species of birds he has identified on the property, or the stories about the many turtle nests in the sand volleyball court. Come to relax in the shade of the bitter hickory or bring boots and binoculars to explore.  John will even give guided nature walks as time allows. Recommended cost is $10/half hour.

To schedule a guided nature walk please call (519-574-8550) or email (

An osprey platform was added in fall 2016 and the female laid her first egg on May 4, 2017. By mid-June, some young birds were poking their heads over the top of the nest. By fall, two young were fledged and headed south for the winter. This pattern was repeated in 2018. Come by in spring/summer and watch these magnificent birds dive into the Conestogo River to catch fish.

Female snapping and painted turtles make their way up to our volleyball court and other nursery areas beginning at the end of May through to end June to lay eggs. Up to 35 nests were counted in one season. Come see this fascinating process.